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I’m Debora, founder of The Painted Toucan.


I have always been into crafts, from cake decorating to making my own curtains, and up-cycling furniture. At the end of 2020, after a very difficult year and a bit more space in the house, I picked up painting furniture again and created a few pieces for family and friends. By the time the January 2021 lockdown came round I was painting every day as a way to keep myself sane while overseeing my kids' home-learning. I love the freedom of expression and the calmness that painting furniture brings. Within a couple of months there was no room in the house to store my creations and The Painted Toucan was born!

Today I create one-of-a-kind, bespoke furniture and I love experimenting with new styles and techniques.  As every piece of vintage furniture is unique, I am always thinking about the next project and how I can learn from every piece I do.


Not only that, when choosing to up-cycle vintage furniture we are being kind to the environment. We are saving an old and unloved piece of furniture from being thrown away and we are getting something that is built to last. There is nothing more rewarding!

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